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There is nothing more joyful than being able to share our patients’ success stories. Thanks to the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America having one of the highest vasectomy reversal success rates in the country, we receive many notes of gratitude and have countless happy stories about our growing families.


Maryland Doctor’s Vasectomy Reversal Delivers a New Bundle of Joy 

When a Maryland physician and his wife started making plans to grow their family, they originally planned for an international adoption. But, when that plan fell through the couple decided to conceive a child of their own. The doctor, who had a vasectomy in 2008, started doing online research to find the right vasectomy reversal specialist. 

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From Vasectomy Reversal Patient to Cancer Survivor - One Patient's Heartwarming Story

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for Dr. David Fenig and his professionalism, expertise and high level of patient care. My wife and I met Dr. Fenig in the summer of 2013 when we decided to have children and I needed a vasectomy reversal.

After researching the many doctors in the area to find the right doctor, we decided on Dr. Fenig and scheduled the surgery for September 2013. Dr. Fenig's expertise and care made the surgery a success. The surgery went perfectly and there was very little pain and discomfort. But the story doesn't end there.

It was Feb. 2014, just 5 months after my reversal, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. We called Dr. Fenig for his counsel, which he readily provided. It is difficult sometimes to tell by phone if someone really cares and is engaged in the conversation; however, it was evident that Dr. Fenig truly cared and was concerned by his tone and reaction. His counsel was taken, which was ensuring that we froze sperm prior to surgery, as well ensuring we were receiving the proper care for treatment. He provided all the information necessary to get this done.

We fast forward just over two years and my bride and I are expecting a beautiful baby due December 2016, and I am a cancer survivor. I have had many medical professionals assist me with my care over the years. Dr. Fenig's level of care is by far the best. He calls to check in to make sure all is well. He speaks to you as a person not a patient and in a manner that is easily understood. He is compassionate. I believe whole heartedly in customer care and Dr. Fenig exemplifies this."

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Fred and Lori's Story

When Fred and his wife Lori married five years ago, they agreed that it would be wonderful to raise a child together. It was a second marriage for both, and although Fred had two grown children from his first marriage, Lori hadn’t had children.  

However, since Fred had a vasectomy twenty years earlier, the couple doubted they could conceive a child naturally.  “We thought it was too long ago to be reversed.  So we decided to look into adoption,” explains Fred. 

They wanted to adopt a girl, and because they were comfortable with an older child up to age 12, they were quite stunned that the adoption agency was unable to find them a daughter. 

After a year and a half of waiting and disappointment, Fred and Lori separately began researching vasectomy reversal specialists on line, without telling each other.   It seemed like it was much more than a coincidence that, “we both came up with the same name,” says Fred.  When they compared notes, they discovered that they both had Dr. Karen Boyle at the top of their list.  They were convinced that she was the right choice for them.  Her credentials, her experience and her online description about her practice and philosophy impressed them.  

They visited her to consult her about a vasectomy reversal.  What they found out lifted their spirits.  “I was surprised when she told me that she had just successfully reversed a vasectomy for a man who had his 30 years earlier,” says Fred.  “Dr. Boyle was very confident.  She explained that the time that had elapsed since a vasectomy did not affect the outcome.”

Fred had his vasectomy reversal performed by Dr. Boyle at the end of November 2011. The results were amazing.  In January – just two months later – he and Lori found out they were pregnant.  “The pregnancy happened so quickly that we hadn’t even gone back yet to Dr. Boyle for the tests to see if my sperm had returned!  It was great that it happened so fast because of our ages.”  The couple, now ages 49 and 33, are delighted. 

Their baby is due in late September, and Lori’s pregnancy is going beautifully.  “I’m very excited to be a dad again,” says Fred.  “This is something wonderful for both my wife and me.”

- Fred and Lori

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MaryBeth and Jason's Story

Thanks to a vasectomy reversal performed by Dr. Karen Boyle, a family in Pennsylvania feels complete again.  “We cannot be any happier than we are,” says MaryBeth, who became pregnant just six weeks after her husband Jason had his vasectomy reversal.  

The primary reason that Jason underwent the reversal was to cure post-vasectomy pain that he’d suffered since he had the vasectomy in 2001, shortly after the birth of their second child – a son.  Tragically, their son died at age seven.  “We found Dr. Boyle on the Internet, following the death of our son,” explains MaryBeth.   “Both of us were wishful that the reversal would make it possible to have a child again, but we wouldn’t have gone forward with the surgery if it wasn’t for the annoying pain that Jason had off and on for years.” 

The cure for the pain turned into a blessing.  “We were both overjoyed and surprised that I became pregnant so quickly.  Even Dr. Boyle was surprised by how quickly it happened,” says MaryBeth.  "We wouldn’t have found Dr. Boyle if I hadn’t done a lot of Internet searching.  I read that she received a Patient’s Choice Award.  I felt that if her patients had great things to say about her, that was the most important recommendation of all. 

No one in our area of Pennsylvania knew to refer us to her, but she is just 45 minutes away.”Dr. Boyle advised the couple that the best treatment option for Jason’s post-vasectomy pain was a vasectomy reversal.  “The added return to fertility -was an extra bonus,” says MaryBeth.  She adds, “I’ve never met another doctor like Dr. Boyle.  She is a kind, caring person who immediately put us at ease when we first visited her.  Everyone in her office was fantastic, on the ball, and answered our questions quickly.  She even called us the evening before the surgery.  She told us we could email her or call her anytime.  Many caregivers say that, but when you call, they seem annoyed. 

She was refreshing.”  “It’s important to see medical professionals who know what they’re doing and love what they do, but I also appreciated how she cared as much about me as she did about my husband,” says MaryBeth, who stays in touch with Dr. Boyle, sending her baby photos every couple of months.  “You cannot over-embellish Dr. Boyle as far as I’m concerned.”  “If we can help another couple connect with her by publishing our story, I want to.  Even if you have to travel to see Dr. Boyle, it’s totally worth it.  We really appreciate her.  Now that we have this baby, I cannot imagine life without him,” says MaryBeth.

– MaryBeth and Jason 

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Jamie and Josh's Story

"My husband and I came to you in February inquiring about a vasectomy reversal. You performed the surgery on March 1st. We are happy to inform you that we conceived 10 Weeks past surgery! I'm currently in my 7th week and had an ultrasound last week. Dr. Boyle said everything looks great!!! I wanted to thank you again for your patience with us when answering all our questions, you always took time and we never felt rushed. We could have had the surgery done locally, but it was your compassion and personality that helped us make the decision to travel to Maryland. After losing our daughter last year to a rare brain tumor, this gives us a reason to want to live again, and something to look forward to. We can't thank you enough."

– Josh and Jamie

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Jodi and Asif's Story

After being married for eight years, Asif and Jodi decided it was time to have a child of their own. Asif already had a son from a previous marriage and had a vasectomy shortly after he was born. The couple’s journey to have a child began by exploring IVF. The facility they were going to recommended a specialist in drawing out the sperm for the IVF procedure. After a very long drive to get to the specialist and a very lengthy wait, the couple walked out and headed back home unseen by the doctor. A recommendation from the same clinic then led them to Dr. David Fenig for a consultation on a vasectomy reversal. Soon, the consultation with Dr. Fenig was scheduled and a very excited couple arrived to meet the man who would eventually give them the child they had been dreaming about.                                                        

“Dr. Fenig is so passionate about his work,” said Asif. “He explained the procedure in simple to understand language and no details were left out. We were told that vasectomy reversal had very little chance of success after 10 years, but Dr. Fenig put all that concern to rest and assured us that information given to us by other doctors was not true at all. We left feeling very confident that everything would go as planned.”

Soon, it was time for Asif’s vasectomy reversal. “Surgery day came and everything was perfect,” he said. Dr. Fenig called Asif twice that same day to make sure he was feeling well and doing what he was supposed to post-surgery. 

“Five months after the vasectomy reversal, we called Dr. Fenig to let him know there would be no reason to give another sperm sample as we were pregnant!” said Asif. “We now have our eight-month old son who is a blessing every single day. We can’t thank you enough, Dr. Fenig, for your part in giving that to us!”

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Patients Say "Thank You"

"Thank you for our miracle baby! She is healthy and adored by the whole family. She was born 13 hours after Buck got home from Afghanistan! We are so blessed! Thank you."

– Amanda and Buck 


"We wanted to again thank you for the wonderful work you (Dr. Boyle) did on Ted's reversal back in February 2010. We were fortunate to welcome our first son, Grayson, in July 24th of this year. Little Grayson is an angel and here with us to thank you for your hard work! Our many thanks."

– Allison and Ted 


"Thank you so much! He is perfect in every way. He was born twelve days early because of leaking amniotic fluid. We were told you were the best and you definitely are. Thanks again!"

– Barry and Jenn


On April 29th, 2013, Dr. Boyle performed a vasectomy reversal on my husband. I'm happy to report that as of today, October 2, 2013, I'm 8 weeks pregnant, and can't be more excited! Thank you Dr Boyle and staff for taking the time to fully explain the procedure, cost, aftercare, and answering all of our questions. We are looking forward to a healthy pregnancy and will forward you pics upon the baby's arrival in mid-May 2014.

V. and A.W.

"Dr. Boyle is without question, the best doctor I have ever received care from. From the initial visit, to the surgery, follow-up appointment and lastly, help needed over the phone, I received the best care, bed-side manner, patience, and reassuring skill I have ever seen. I am 45, have MS and have seen many doctors to compare her with. No one comes slightly close to Dr. Boyle's ability as a doctor and as a caring physician. She clearly picked the right profession for herself. I just wish she lived in N.Y.! Thank you!"

- Anonymous patient