Why Choose the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America?

It is very important that patients choose an experienced microsurgeon who has performed a large number of reversals and who performs them every week, not just occasionally.  Our microsurgeons perform hundreds of vasectomy reversals a year, staying on the cutting edge of their field. 

Like all extremely specialized and technical procedures, the best results for vasectomy reversal are typically obtained by surgeons with extensive training, which is who you will find at our center.

Just because a doctor says he performs vasectomy reversals does not mean that he is able to achieve the highest level of success. Your best chances for success will always be with a true vasectomy reversal specialist. Only a very few urologists in the mid-Atlantic region who offer vasectomy reversals are actually fellowship-trained microsurgeons. A fellowship is a one to two-year training period following residency that provides intensive instruction and experience, resulting in true expertise.

In the U.S., only a handful of fellowships are available each year in the field of male reproductive medicine and microsurgery, so it is truly unique for our center to have two of these highly talented specialists on staff.

In addition, our microsurgical surgery center is state-of-the art and certified by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. Vasectomy reversals take place in a fully-equipped microsurgical suite, supported by an experienced operating room team that includes microsurgery-trained nurses and board-certified anesthesiologists.