Dr. Karen Elizabeth Boyle and Dr. David M. Fenig recommend that out-of-town patients stay in our area for at least a few days after surgery to avoid travel and so that we can monitor them.  We help patients find convenient accommodations and will arranged personalized follow-up appointments before they leave for home. 

For local patients or those able to travel back to see us, patients return in two weeks for their first post-operative appointment, which includes an evaluation of how the wound is healing. Six to eight weeks following surgery, the patients typically undergoes a semen analysis. Semen analyses are then obtained for up to one year until the sperm count stabilizes. If you are from out of town and cannot return, we will make arrangements in your area for the proper follow up.

It can take up to three months for sperm to return to the ejaculate following a vasovasostomy and can take six months to one year following an epididymovasostomy.  If the semen quality is less than what is expected, patients are often given anti-inflammatory medication to reduce scar tissue, optimize healing, and improve semen and sperm quality.


(This is a general guide as what to expect, and should not be considered as direct instructions from your doctor.  You will receive customized care instructions following your reversal.)

  • Wear the scrotal support for at least two weeks after vasectomy reversal.
  • Place an ice pack (a bag of frozen peas works well) on top of the gauze dressing over the scrotum until bedtime the day of the procedure. Change the bag every few hours.
  • Keep the gauze and fluff dressing on for one to two days.
  • Rest for one to two days after your procedure. Avoid excessive walking, sitting for prolonged periods, and unnecessary exertion. Your recovery will be easier and faster if you take it easy for these days post-operatively.
  • Avoid exercise (no running, heavy lifting, straining, etc.) for four-six weeks. Avoid straddle activities such as cycling, horseback riding or motorcycles for at least one month.
  • A small amount of blood staining the gauze is normal. Sometimes the incision may separate slightly before healing. There may be some swelling and firmness at the site.
  • Take the antibiotic prescribed to help prevent infection.
  • For your discomfort, you may take the narcotic medication prescribed or over-the-counter Motrin or Advil as directed. Do not take any aspirin products for two weeks following the procedure since they can trigger more bleeding.
  • You may shower in one to two days. Pat your scrotum dry - do not rub. Do not take a bath or go swimming for two weeks .
  • The incisions were closed with absorbable sutures which do not need to be removed. They dissolve on their own.
  • No intercourse or ejaculation for two weeks. Then, begin having frequent, regular ejaculation. This will help keep the reversal sites open and sperm traveling through the vas deferens into the ejaculate.