All Vasectomy Reversal Surgeons
Are Not Created Equal

How to Choose the Right Vasectomy Reversal Specialist

How to Choose the Best Vasectomy Reversal Surgeon

All vasectomy reversal surgeons are not created equal, which is why it’s very important to do your homework and understand the differences between a urologist who does reversals and a microsurgeon who has years of specialty training and expertise in performing this delicate procedure.

Physicians across the Internet claim the highest success rates and the lowest prices for a vasectomy reversal. But if you dig a bit deeper, what you will find is that these doctors don’t specialize in vasectomy reversal, microsurgery, or male sexual health, and often only perform a handful of vasectomy reversals per year, often with less than stellar results for their patients.

Case In Point

The skill, experience and training of a physician truly makes the difference when it comes to the best outcomes of a vasectomy reversal. It’s important to go to a surgeon who has been trained in microsurgery and who performs reversals on a regular basis. At the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, our microsurgeons are fellowship-trained in microsurgery and male reproductive medicine, and have extensive experience, and success, performing vasectomy reversals.

To understand how a skilled microsurgeon can produce such high success rates, it’s important to understand what goes into performing such a delicate procedure.

In a vasectomy reversal, the structures that are being operated on – the vas deferens and/or the epididymis – can range in size from ½ to ⅕ mm in diameter. To put this into perspective- the structures are very tiny, about the size of a pin hole. It takes a significant degree of magnification to visualize such tiny structures and repair them properly. This is where microsurgery comes into play. Because of the extremely small size of these vessels, they cannot be seen with the naked eye, nor can they be effectively visualized with magnifying loops (the magnification glasses worn by some surgeons that only magnify an area 2 to 3 times).

A microsurgeon is trained to use a powerful microscope that magnifies the area more than 20 times. Because precise suture placement is imperative when performing a vasectomy reversal, this magnification, as well as the skill and expertise in performing the more challenging procedure called an epididymovastomy for men who have a blockage in the epididymis, is vital.  Unless a surgeon uses a high powered microscope, he or she cannot detect a blockage in the epididymis and it is technically difficult to perform an epididymovastomy.

What Determines Success?

How dramatic could the success rates range between a general urologist and a microsurgeon? Very dramatic. The success rate of the general urologic surgeon is about 30 to 40 percent, while our fellowship-trained microsurgeons have vasectomy reversal success rates of over 90 percent. There are only a handful of fellowships in microsurgery and male infertility nationally and only a select number of urologists throughout the country have completed this training.

Ask Questions

When choosing a surgeon to perform your vasectomy reversal, it is essential to choose wisely. A fellowship-trained microsurgeon who performs vasectomy reversal procedures weekly and is considered an expert and a dedicated specialist with optimal outcomes. Call and speak to a prospective surgeon about his/her training and expertise prior to making a consultation appointment and ask the surgeon a few important questions such as:

  1. How many reversals have you performed?
  2. What are your personal success rates?
  3. How regularly do you perform vasectomy reversals?
  4. Do you have a dedicated surgical team?
  5. Are your procedures performed using a high powered microscope?
  6. What does the follow-up care entail?

When it comes to realizing the dream of conceiving a child naturally, having a vasectomy reversal performed by a highly trained and experienced microsurgeon affords patients with the very best outcome – a baby.

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