About The Vasectomy Reversal Procedure – Vasovasostomy


A vasovasostomy is one type of vasectomy reversal procedure that reconnects the severed ends of the vas deferens.


Though there are various techniques for performing a vasovasostomy, our surgeons  prefer a two-layer procedure that produces the most optimal watertight result when reconnecting the vas deferens. This is done with microscopic sutures, using the most advanced microsurgical equipment and the Zeiss operating microscope.

The two-layer procedure involves suturing the mucosal inner layer and a muscular tissue layer of the vas deferens. Not only do we believe this is superior to the single-layer full thickness closure, but facilitating the two-layer sutures properly requires a higher level of training and experience, which our surgeons have. It is very important for the closure be watertight so that sperm do not leak out at the closure site, potentially causing inflammation.

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