The first stop on your journey is to meet with one of our infertility specialists at the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America (VRCA).  If you live outside of the Baltimore area, we can arrange for Dr. Karen E. Boyle or Dr. David M. Fenig to do your consultation by phone or via computer webcam.

However, even before your consultation, our patient coordinators or physicians will make initial contact with you to make sure that you feel prepared and comfortable and will answer your questions.

Our patient coordinators will familiarize you with what to expect prior to the appointment.  Our philosophy of care is to accommodate, inform, and take care of you. From the beginning, we are only a phone call or an e-mail away.  We want you to feel confident that all of your questions and concerns can and will be answered promptly before, during and after the reversal.

What to Expect at the Initial Consultation

The consultation may take up to an hour, during which the physician will take a detailed medical history and discuss any medical concerns and medications that you are on, in addition to learning about your fertility history and that of your partner.  It is important to understand the fertility status of the couple, since our goal is not only to return sperm to your ejaculate, but to support you in achieving your goals of a natural conception, a wonderful pregnancy and birth of your child.  Men are encouraged to bring their female partners with them to the consultation, if it is possible.

Education is very important from our perspective. Dr. Boyle or Dr. Fenig will take the time to explain the anatomy and production of sperm and discuss in detail the two types of blockages that may be involved as well as the reconstruction process. You will be informed about what to expect pre-operatively, the day of surgery, and during your recovery.

What to Expect After Your Consultation

Following your visit, you will be connected with one our patient coordinators who will go over details with you concerning your pre-op preparation, the types of testing you may need, the timing of your procedure, what your insurance may cover, and financing options.  You may schedule your procedure at this time or go home to consider what is best for you.

We are here to hold your hand through the entire process. Our mission is to provide a superior experience to you and your partner.  We want to build a rapport with you and your partner so that you will feel confident in Dr. Boyle and Dr. Fenig.

What to Expect the Day of Your Surgery

On the day of surgery, you'll arrive at our microsurgical suite and be introduced to our microsurgical team. We are unique because we have an entire team who are dedicated to our vasectomy reversal patients. This includes your operating room nurses and recovery room nurses.

Drs. Boyle and Fenig provide their cell phone numbers to their patients in case you need to reach them at any time.  However, you will receive a call in the evening after your surgery from either your physician or one of our nurses to check on you.

For those patients who have travelled from out of town and are staying in a hotel, your physician will follow up with you before you leave for home. Patients who are local come for a follow up visit to our office two weeks after their reversal.


The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America is a boutique practice dedicated restoring fertility to our patients in an environment that is caring and compassionate, friendly and approachable. When you become our patient, you become part of our extended family. The ability to take care of you is a privilege to us. We like to keep up with our patients and hear how they are doing. We love receiving news of pregnancies, birth announcements, and photos of our patients' children.