Vasectomy Reversal – What To Expect The Day Of Your Procedure

What To Expect The Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery, you’ll arrive at our microsurgical suite and be introduced to our microsurgical team. We are unique because we have an entire team dedicated to our vasectomy reversal patients. This includes your operating room nurses and recovery room nurses. The vasectomy reversal surgery is performed using the operating microscope and the precise placement of micro sutures is essential for the success of the surgery. For this reason, patients require general anesthesia. Local, long acting numbing medications are also placed in the surgical area to assist in pain control after surgery, and all patients are given a prescription for oral pain medication if needed postoperatively.

Following your recovery from the anesthesia, your nurse will go over all post-operative instructions and you will be discharged home to rest and recover. You will receive a call in the evening after your surgery from either your physician or one of our nurses to check on you and answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.

For those patients who have travelled from out of town and are staying in a hotel, your physician will follow up with you before you leave for home. Patients who are local come for a follow up visit to our office two weeks after their reversal.

Here’s what to expect after your vasectomy reversal surgery.
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