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Can You Afford to Have a Vasectomy Reversal?

Patients who come to the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America have one goal in mind- conceiving a child naturally after a vasectomy. And one of the first questions on many minds is, 'can I afford to have a vasectomy reversal?' The real question is - when you and your partner desire to have children, can you afford not to have a vasectomy reversal?

At the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, we understand that your choice to undergo a vasectomy reversal is very personal. Drs. Karen Boyle and David Fenig also understand that this decision is an investment in the future of your family. While many major medical insurances cover the initial consultation with a VRCA surgeon, the vasectomy reversal itself is not often covered. The good news is, our team is dedicated to helping you understand and manage the costs associated with your procedure. Your goal is to start, or grow, your family and our goal is to make this your reality.  

The CareCredit Program

At the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America we offer our patients a special financing option called CareCredit, when major medical insurance does not cover the expense. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card designed to cover the costs of medical procedures such as a vasectomy reversal. Through the CareCredit plan, you receive zero percent financing for the first 12 months and make regular monthly payments just as you would with any credit card.  Our VRCA financing specialist will work with you to understand this program, how it works and if you qualify, as well as walk you through the application process and get you quickly pre-approved. Once approved, you will receive a credit card to use for your procedure.   Your CareCredit card can also be used for additional healthcare expenses depending on the credit limit associated with your account.

We have more information on costs, insurance coverage and the CareCredit program on our website - http://dev.vasrevusa.com/microsurgical-vasectomy-reversal/what-is-microsurgical-vasectomy-reversal/

So, when you find yourself asking, "can I afford to have a vasectomy reversal?" the answer is yes. We're here to help you understand the financial options you have to help make your dream of conceiving a child naturally a reality.

feel free to comment, ask a question or call our office at 855.Have.A.baby (1-855-428-3222)for more information on vasectomy reversal and financing options.

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