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Do's and Don'ts After a Vasectomy Reversal

A vasectomy reversal is a process. From making the decision to have a reversal in order to conceive a child naturally to waiting for an increase in sperm counts following the procedure, a couple often has many questions throughout the experience.  

Based on some common patient questions, the physicians at the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America have developed a quick “Do’s and Don’ts” list to consider after a vasectomy reversal to help couples along their journey:

  • DO stop taking ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) seven days prior to your vasectomy reversal surgery, and wait at least 48 hours following your vasectomy reversal to resume use of this medication.  While ibuprofen is a great anti-inflammatory that may be recommended for men to help reduce swelling and inflammation post-surgery, it can also thin the blood and increase the possibility of post-op bleeding.

  • DO refrainfrom sexual activity for two weeks following the vasectomy reversal. This will allow the man to rest and begin the post-surgical recovery period.

  • DO begin frequent ejaculation and gentle intercourse at the two week post-surgery mark. The idea is to promote the sperm to start moving through the vas deferens and allow it to be seen in the ejaculate. Either masturbation and ejaculation or sexual intercourse is suggested every other day beginning two weeks after the reversal.

  • DO stop smoking and using tobacco products immediately. Tobacco can adversely affect healing, and with vasectomy reversal we need the two ends of the vas deferens to heal together and extremely small blood vessels to reunite. Smoking can also cause problems with anesthesia, so stop as soon as possible.

  • DO continue or start taking a multivitamin and vitamin C supplement to help optimize healing and recovery.

  • DO continue to eat a healthy, well balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals and maintain a healthy lifestyle to help with the healing process and your overall health following a vasectomy reversal.

  • DON’T sit in a hot tub immediately after a vasectomy reversal. Hot tubs can impair a man’s fertility. Hot tubs can elevate the temperature in the scrotum and impair sperm production. The testicles are meant to be slightly cooler than internal body temperature and overheating them may negatively affect sperm production.

  • DON’T place your laptop computer on your upper lap near your testicles after a vasectomy reversal for the same reasons as avoiding hot tubs. Believe it or not, the heat emitted from laptop computers can also elevate the temperature in the scrotum, resulting in decreased sperm production. For the best semen analysis, avoid laptops on the lap as well as hot tubs for the short term.

  • DON’T pin your hopes on fertility supplements to improve sperm counts. There are no studies to date that show common fertility supplements used for infertile patients will help post-vasectomy reversal sperm counts or motility. 

  • DO contact the physicians at the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America with any questions before or after your vasectomy reversal to help ensure the best outcomes – a baby - at 855.HAVE.A.BABY/855-428-3222. 

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