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Things Are Getting Personal Around Here

When you walk into our offices at the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America you'll quickly notice we have a lot of pictures; family pictures, that is. Between our three surgeons, we must have hundreds of family pictures adorning the walls - smiling, happy families and babies we helped bring into the world. It makes us truly proud and humbled to look at these smiling faces every day. It's affirmation that what we do at the VRCA is genuine and good. We help couples, some childless and some with children already, conceive. It sounds simple, and in essence, it is- simple and pure, just like family.

But any couple contemplating a vasectomy reversal will tell you that getting from point A to point B is not always simple. We see couples in all stages of life. Some who are on their second marriage and want to have more children with their new partner years after having a vasectomy. Some couples have sadly lost a child to illness or accident and are ready to try again to experience the joy of parenthood.

So, we make sure that education and open discussions about options and expectations are an important part of the vasectomy reversal journey. We talk a lot about what to expect when we discuss the vasectomy reversal with our patients - what to expect when deciding on whether the procedure is right for you; what to expect before and after surgery; and what to expect when trying to get pregnant following the reversal.

But we think it's equally important for our patients to know what they can expect from us as surgeons, and as people.

Yes, Drs. Boyle, Fenig and I are fellowship-trained in microsurgical vasectomy reversal and operate in the center's advanced, fully-equipped microsurigcal suite, which is why our success rates are over 90%, among the highest in the region. Collectively, we have performed hundreds of vasectomy reversals and have the expertise and hands-on experience needed for successful outcomes.

But, we're also committed to holding your hand every step along this journey.  We, along with the staff at the VRCA, build a special rapport with our patients so that you feel comfortable and confident with your decision, and with us as your surgeons. You'll even have our personal phone numbers and our emails so that you can always reach us.

Just as important as it is for us to get to know you and your hopes for the future, it's equally as important for you to get to know us. You'll find out some interesting things.

For example, Dr. Boyle knows what it's like to balance a demanding career and a happy family life as the mom of three children under the age of seven.  She is also a medical contributor on vasectomy reversal and reproductive health and appears on a variety of high profile television programs such as The View and Good Morning America I hold two soccer coaching licenses and previously coached one of the top girls club soccer teams in the state of Maryland. I am also the urologic consultant for the Super Bowl Champions, the Baltimore Ravens. And, Dr. Fenig originally hails from New York and when he's not taking care of his patients, he plays competitive tennis, practices yoga and hikes.

When it comes to our patients, the most important thing to all of us is to help restore your fertility so that you can enjoy all the wonders and joys children bring to our lives.  

We take the emotional journey with you.

And in the end, when we add another happy family photo onto our wall, we know that we've done our job well. Now that's what we call success. 

We encourage you to get to know the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America. We're just a phone call or visit away from helping you realize your dream.

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