What is the Cost of a Vasectomy Reversal?

Dr. Karen Elizabeth Boyle, Dr. David Fenig and Dr. Brad Lerner understand that your decision to come to the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America  is an investment in the future of your family.  Therefore, we believe that it is very important to educate prospective patients about the costs associated with vasectomy reversal and guide you through the questions you should be asking.

The first consultation about your vasectomy reversal is usually covered by most insurance plans.  We will check with your insurance provider to find out whether this applies to you.  

However, we realize that most insurance does not cover the vasectomy reversal, therefore we want to make sure that you learn as much as possible about the economics of the procedure and about potential hidden costs.

Cost and value are factors for most patients when deciding on a vasectomy reversal.    Whether your insurance covers your vasectomy reversal or not, you need to be savvy so that you are aware of the full costs associated with your surgery.  

Value is linked to cost because choosing a lower-priced vasectomy reversal may cost you more in the long run - both financially and physically.  Our expert microsurgeons have performed a substantial number of re-dos for patients whose first reversal cost less and were not performed by an experienced microsurgeon who could offer the highest quality vasectomy reversal. 

On the other hand, the highest price does not mean that you are getting the most experienced or successful microsurgeon.   The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America is not the most expensive program in the U.S.  We are price competitive, and we are confident that by choosing us you are coming to the most highly skilled experts in the country who can provide you with the best possible chance for a successful vasectomy reversal.   We keep our fees as reasonable so that our services can be offered to as many patients as possible. 

What are the Three Cost Components for a  Vasectomy Reversal?

Three components to cost:  The first thing you need to know is that there are three parts that make up the total cost of a vasectomy reversal bill.  When you talk to various physicians and centers about cost, be sure you ask for the cost of each of these components, as well as total cost. That way, you won't be surprised by any unexpected fees.   The three components are:

1.       Professional fee to cover the procedure

2.       Facility fee to cover either a hospital or an ambulatory surgery center cost

3.       Anesthesiology fee to cover the anesthesiology cost

You will be responsible for the three components of your bill no matter where you go.  In addition, it is customary for physicians' offices to require a cash payment upfront; however, the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America is sensitive to the financial needs of patients and offers an excellent financing plan.   Please continue reading this section to find out more about payment and financing.

Hospital-based surgery:    When the surgeon performs the vasectomy reversal in a hospital rather than an ambulatory surgery center, the total cost of the procedure is usually significantly higher.    The facility fee at an outpatient surgery center is lower because the center is not burdened by the overhead costs of a hospital, which are factored into the cost of hospital-based surgeries.

Microsurgeon's fee vs. urologist's fee:   If you compare physicians' fees, you will find that some fees are significantly lower than others.  A general urologic surgeon who performs vasectomy reversals but is not fellowship trained in male infertility and microsurgery normally charges a lower fee.  This is where value comes in.  General urologists only have a 30 to 40 percent vasectomy reversal success rate; men who go to this type of urologist have a greater likelihood that their vasectomy reversal will need to be re-done by a highly-skilled microsurgeon.  This will more than double the initial cost of going to the less-skilled surgeon.  Our microsurgeons at the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America have seen their share of failed vasectomy reversals that need to be re-done.  Although they are experts at correcting unsuccessful vasectomy reversals, the 're-do" success rate is not as high as if it had been done correctly the first time.  

Will My Medical Insurance Cover My Vasectomy Reversal?

In some cases, insurance covers the costs of a vasectomy reversal, however, in the majority of cases it does not.  We suggest you call your insurance carrier to discuss whether your plan covers the procedure before you schedule your appointment with one of our specialists.

If your plan does not cover the procedure, self-payment will be required.  We offer an excellent financing plan to support you in your goal to have a child.

Does the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America Offer a Financing Plan?

CareCredit is our partner in financing vasectomy reversals.  This excellent plan offers zero percent financing for the first 12 months.  Care Credit is fast, easy and secure.  Our financing specialist will help you understand how this option works, help you apply, and let you know whether you are pre-approved and qualify.  This process only takes a matter of minutes.  Once approved, you will receive a credit card to use for payment s.  The CareCredit card is processed over the phone or online, and then it is mailed to you.

You will make monthly credit card payments, just as with any credit card bill.   You can put the entire cost of the vasectomy reversal on the card.  Although there is a $640 processing fee to receive the CareCredit card, the Vasectomy Reversal of America covers that fee for you. 

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