Welcome to The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America

Where Patients Are Like Family

Welcome to The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America

The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America (VRCA) is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier vasectomy reversal specialty practice.  Our center has two fellowship-trained microsurgeons who are in an elite group of only two percent of board-certified urologists with fellowship training. The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America is a division of Chesapeake Urology, an affiliate of United Urology Group, one of the nation’s largest and most respected urology groups.

Meet Our World-Class Surgeons

Dr. Karen Elizabeth Boyle and Dr. David Fenig are among the top microsurgical vasectomy reversal specialists in the United States. Not only do our microsurgeons see patients from all over Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region, but patients travel to us from across the country, and even the world. Our microsurgeons trained at the most prestigious program in the United States for male reproductive medicine and surgery at Baylor College of Medicine. Our expert physicians combine their advanced training with a compassionate, personal approach to patient care – they are truly dedicated to helping their patients achieve the dream of conceiving a child naturally.

Collectively, our surgeons have more than 30 years of microsurgical experience, have performed more than 2,000 reversals and have a vasectomy reversal success rate of over 90%*.

Our Patients Are Like Family

Parents And Baby

The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America is a boutique practice dedicated to the comfort and return to fertility of our patients. When you become our patient, you become part of our extended family.  The ability to take care of you is a privilege to us. We like to keep up with our patients and hear how they are doing.  We love receiving news of pregnancies, birth announcements, and photos of our patients’ children.

Our team at The Vasectomy Reversal Center of America is here to achieve one goal: to successfully reverse vasectomies and help our couples conceive their children naturally. Every step of the way, we are here to assist in the process of achieving fertility.  Our mission is to provide every patient with a superior experience. Our caring doctors, nurse and staff are dedicated to our patients. We will do everything possible to ensure that your care meets and exceeds your expectations.


Our dedication to superior care and patient experience, combined with our compassion and microsurgical skill will help ensure that you have a successful fertility experience.
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